Sarena salata (Colorful salad)

Sastojci: 3 patlidzana, 3 tikvice, 700g paprika (pecena), 800g paradajza, so po ukusu.

1) Patlidzan, tikvice i paradajz oljustiti i iseckati na kockice. Papriku iseckati na kockice.
2) Patlidzan i tikvice posoliti i ostaviti da puste vodu. Ocediti.
3) U tiganju na malo ulja proprziti patlidzan i staviti u dublju posudu. Zatim proprziti tikvice, pa staviti preko patlidzana. Staviti papriku. Paradajz proprziti i staviti preko paprika. Staviti u frizider.

Ingredients: 3 eggplants, 3 zucchini, peppers 700g (cooked), 800g tomatoes, salt to taste.

1) Peel eggplants, zucchini and tomatoes and cut into cubes. Cut peppers into cubes.
2) Eggplant and zucchini sprinkle with salt and leave to release the water. Drain well.
3) In a skillet with a little oil fry eggplants and place in a deep dish. Then fry zucchini, and put over eggplants. Put peppers. Fry tomato and put over peppers. Refrigerate.

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