Prstencici od badema (Almond rings)

Sastojci: 175g mlevenih badema, 75g seckanih badema, 300g margarina, 350g secera, 20g vanilin secera.

1) Od svih sastojaka zamesiti testo. Praviti prstencice i stavljati ih na uljem namazan pleh. Testo ostaviti preko noci, a ujutro ga sasvim bledo ispeci.
2) Tople prstencice uvaljati u prah secer.

Ingredients: 175g of ground almonds, 75g finely chopped almonds, 300g butter, 350g sugar, 20g vanilla sugar.

1) Knead dough from all the ingredients. Form rings and place them on a before smeared with oil baking sheet. Leave it overnight and in the morning, bake it until quite pale.
2) Warm rings roll in powdered sugar.


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