Kalifornijska salata (California salad)

Sastojci: 400g spanaca, 150g dimljene slanine, 200g fete, 100g ananasa, 100g kikirikija, 1 kasicica senfa, maslinovo ulje, malo sirceta, so.

1) Spanac oprati. Pomesati maslinovo ulje, sirce, senf i so i preliti preko spanaca. Promesati.
2) Ananas iseci na kocke, dodati sir i kikiriki. Promesati. Isprziti slaninu u tiganju. Dodati slaninu u prethodnu smesu i promesati.
3) Sluziti sa spanacem.

Ingredients: 400g spinach, smoked bacon 150g, 200g feta, pineapple 100g, 100g peanuts, 1 tsp mustard, olive oil, a little vinegar, salt.

1) Spanac wash. Combine olive oil, vinegar, mustard and salt and pour over the Spaniards. Stir.
2) Cut the pineapple into cubes, add the cheese and peanuts. Stir. Fry bacon in skillet. Add the bacon to the previous batter and stir.
3) Serve with spinach.


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