Kisela voda sa šlagom (Soda water with whipped cream)

Sastojci: 2×125 ml kisele vode, 2 kasike slatke pavlake, 2×2 kasike sirupa po zelji, 2×3 kocke leda, umucen slag, 2 tresnje.


U svaku casu staviti po tri kocke leda, 125ml kisele vode, dve kasike sirupa, kasiku slatke pavlake. Odozgo staviti umucen slag i ukrasiti sa po jednom tresnjom.

Ingredients: 2x125ml sparkling water, 2 tablespoons heavy cream, 2×2 tablespoons of syrup (you like), 2×3 ice cubes, whipped cream, 2 cherries.


In each glass put three ice cubes, 125 ml of sparkling water, 2 tablespoons of syrup, tablespoon of heavy cream. On top add whipped cream and garnish with the cherry.


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