Kako blansirati spanac (How to blanch spinach)

kako-blansirati-spanacPotrebno: spanac, serpa sa ledom, hladnom vodom iz frizidera ili tekucom vodom, serpa sa kljucalom vodom.


1. Spanac oprati i otresti od vode.
2. U serpu staviti kocke leda i naliti vodom, ili u serpu sipati vodu iz frizidera.
3. U drugu serpu sipati vodu i pustiti da prokljuca.
4. Staviti spanac u vrelu vodu i ostaviti 45-60 sekundi, dok voda ne postane svetlo zelena.
5. Procediti spanac.
6. Staviti spanac u ledenu vodu i ostaviti nekoliko minuta dok se ne ohladi.
7. Rukama dobro ocediti spanac.
8. Spanac staviti hermeticki zatvorenu posudu i ostaviti u frizideru do zamrzavanje ili odmah koristiti u receptu.

how-to-blanch-spinachIngredients: spinach, pot with ice cubes, pot with water from the refrigerator or running water, pot with boiling water.


1. Wash spinach and shake off water.
2. In pot, put ice cubes and pour water, or in pot pour the water out of the refrigerator.
3. In another pot, pour water and let it boil.
4. Place the spinach in boiling water and leave for 45-60 seconds, until the water becomes light green.
5. Drain spinach.
6. Place the spinach in cold water and leave a few minutes until it cools down.
7. Squeeze spinach with hands to drain well.
8. Put spinach in an airtight container and leave in the fridge until freezing or use immediately in the recipe.

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