Sirup od breskve (Peach syrup)

Sastojci: obican sirup, 250g breskvi (iseckane na kockice).


1. Skuvati obican sirup.
2. U ciniji izgnjeciti breskve viljuskom.
3. Dodati vreo sirup, promesati i ostaviti pola sata.
4. Procediti kroz cediljku. Cvrsti deo breskve baciti.
5. Moze se cuvati u staklenoj tegli do dve nedelje.

Ingredients: simple syrup, 250g peaches (chopped into cubes).


1. Cook simple syrup.
2. In a bowl squeeze peaches with fork.
3. Add hot syrup, stir and leave for half an hour.
4. Strain through the strainer. Discard peach solids. .
5. Can be stored in a glass jar for up to two weeks.

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