Kesten dezert (Chestnut dessert)

Sastojci: 500g kesten pirea, 300ml mleka, 50g secera, 20g vanilin secera, 1 kasika ruma, za fil 2 – 40g pudinga od vanile, 300ml mleka, 2 kasike secera, 200g slaga, slag.

1) Pomesati vanila puding sa secerom i 100ml mleka.
2) Pomesati kesten pire, mleko, secer, vanilin secer i rum.
3) U 200ml mleka dodati puding u prahu i kuvati 5 minuta na srednjoj temepraturi (4). Ostaviti da se ohladi.
4) Dodati 200g slaga pudingu i promesati.
5) U sacu sipati 2 kasike krema od kestena. Dodati 2 kasike od pudinga. Ukrasiti slagom.

Ingredients: 500g chestnut puree, 300ml milk, 50g sugar, 20g vanillin sugar, 1 tbsp rum, for filling 2 – 40g vanilla pudding (powder), 300ml milk, 2 tbsp sugar, 200g whipped cream, whipped cream.

1) Mix vanilla pudding with sugar and 100ml milk.
2) Mix chestnut puree, milk, sugar, vanilla sugar and rum.
3) Add powdered pudding in 200ml milk and cook for 5 minutes at medium temperature (4). Allow to cool.
4) Add 200g of whipped cream and mix.
5) Pour 2 tablespoons of chestnut cream into the glass. Add 2 tbsp of pudding. Decorate with whipped cream.

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