Torta sa visnjama (Sour cherries cake)

Sastojci: biskvit, 500g maskarpone sira, 100g slatke pavlake, 80g secera, 500g visanja + 4 kasike secera, 2 kasike ruma, visnje.

1) Pripremiti biskvit.
2) Pomesati maskarpone sir sa slatkom pavlakom i secerom. Umutiti. Ovojiti 1/3 mesavine.
3) Pomesati visnje sa secerom i rumom.

4) Dodati visnje u maskarpone i promesati.
5) Podeliti biskvit na 2 dela. Kora, maskarpone sa visnjama, kora, maskarpone. Ukrasiti visnjama.

Ingredients: biscuit, 500g mascarpone cheese, 100g heavy cream, 80g sugar, 500g sour cherries (pitted) + 4 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of rum.

1) Prepare biscuit.
2) Mix mascarpone cheese with heavy cream and sugar. Mix with hand mixer. Put 1/3 of the mixture on a side.
3) Mix sour cherries with sugar and rum.
4) Add the sour cherries to the mascarpone and stir.
5) Divide the biscuit into 2 parts. Criust, mascarpone with cherries, crust, mascarpone. Decorate with sour cherries.

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