Ulje za masazu za bolne misice (Massage oil for sore muscles)

Sastojci: 125ml jojoba ulja, 16 kapi esencijalnog ulja kardamona, 16 kapi esencijalnog ulja lavande, 16 kapi esencijalnog ulja ruzmarina, staklena bocica sa pumpicom.

1) U staklenu bocicu sipatu jojoba ulje.
2) Dodati esencijalna ulja. Zatvoriti i promuckati.
3) Na bolna mesta staviti ulje i masirati.

Predlog: mozete uraditi piling za telo za bolne misice i/ili napraviti balzam za bolne misice.

Ingredients: 125ml jojoba oil, 16 drops of cardamom essential oil, 16 drops of lavender essential oil, 16 drops of rosemary essential oil, glass bottle with a pump.

1) Pour jojoba oil into a glass bottle.
2) Add essential oils. Close and shake.
3) Put oil on painful and sore muscles and massage.

Suggestion: you can do body scrub for sore muscles and/or make balm for sore muscles.

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