Povrce sa humusom i pirincanim keksom (Vegetables with hummus and rice biscuits)

Sastojci: 3x 65g humusa, 3 sargarepe, 3 paradajza, 3x 2 pirincana keksa.

1) Sargarepu oljustiti i iseci na stapice. Paradajz ocistiti i iseci na kocke.
2) Posluziti sargarepu i paradajz uz humus sa pirincanim keksom.

Ingredients: 3x 65g hummus, 3 carrots, 3 tomatoes, 3x 2 rice cookies.

1) Peel a carrots and cut it into sticks. Peel a tomatoes and cut it into cubes.
2) Serve carrots and tomatoes with hummus and rice biscuits.

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