I started first food blog (The Minuette Food Recipes) in October 2010.  My mom had notebooks with tried and tested recipes, which included a lot recipes on small papers. So I decided to put them on blog. Blog is written in Serbian and English.

In September 2012, I opened this blog (The Minuette Food Recipes & Homemade Face Masks) because I had some double (different) recipes and this way I can link between two blogs. In addition to food recipes, blog has recipes for homemade face masks, in English only.. Recently, I started with chrono nutrition.  This blog is also written in Serbian and English.

Somewhere in 2010, I opened another blog, but it was closed for search engines, so I forgot about it. In February 2016. I accidentally found it. I reorganized blog to be about baby and kids recipes. And later I added recipes for pregnant women. This blog (The Minuette’s 3 – Bebe, Deca i Trudnice) is only in Serbian, for now 🙂

In August 2016. I started new blog (Coffee, Tea & Cookies, Cakes) on Weebly, because I’m freelance web developer and I’m adding Weebly platform as option for writing blog to my other services. This blog is about coffee, tea, cookies and cakes. And it will be in English only. This blog is still under construction.

Minuette is the name from Italian comic book “Alan Ford” which was translated into Croatian language. Minuette is the only female member of TNT Group.

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