Spring Care Tips

After the winter your face will need intensive care because the skin is dehydrated and has lost its freshness.
Every Day 

Dry Skin

Clean in the morning and evening with gently cleansing milk, and after washing put herbal tonic. After the winter, use a specially formulated balm for this type of skin and creams with heavier texture. These products will nourish the skin so that it will soon become smooth and elastic.

Oily Skin
Do not treat it with inappropriate, offensive products, because they lead to dehydration and cause peeling. It is best to clean the face with gels or foams for cleaning with fruit acids. Do not use ordinary creams, instead use gels or fluids, which will hydrate your skin.

Mixed Skin
If your skin is oily on the forehead, nose and chin, and normal or dry on the cheeks, choose a cream that intensely hydrate.

Mature SkinMoisturizing cream should contain ingredients to combat wrinkles and firming the skin, such as retinol, peptides and vegetable oils and extracts that strengthen the skin.

Once a Week


For faster recovery of tense, tight, dehydrated skin, best face masks are with concentrated ingredients for hydration. They should contain plant extracts and oils that help the skin renewal. Also, they keep the hydro-lipid film composed of water and oils, which covers the surface of the skin and protects it from drying out.

Place masks once or twice a week, and before applying, do non-abrasive enzyme peeling which you can buy in pharmacies.